XactRC 56 Compartment Small Parts Case

  • 199 kr

XactRC 56 compartment small parts case 211x175x26mm.

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Artikelnummer: XAT0112
Leverantör: XactRC

The 56 compartment small parts case is a box that contains 14 smaller containers. Each of the 14 smaller containers has 4 individual compartments. Each compartment comes with a label to go over the lid to help you better organize your parts.  Each compartment has the approximate dimensions of Length 24mm, Width 20.5mm, Height 21mm. The transparent XactRC triangle sticker allows you to still see into the box to find your items.  Great way to keep your suspension pills, screws, and washers organized.

Size:  211mm x 175mm x 26mm

-Small compartment label as shown applied for reference. You are provided the labels but they are not applied.