Ride 1/10 Belted Tires 24mm Pre-glued with 10 Spoke Wheel - Grey (4)

  • 269 kr

Tires for the new and popular FWD class. Controlled tires for Swedish FWD series and ETS

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Artikelnummer: RI-26073
Leverantör: Ride

The pre-glued Ride 24mm Belted Tires are ready to use directly out of the package. The tires feature an inner belt which prevents them from getting bigger in diameter after using additive or tire warmers. This will equal the chances for racers as there will be almost no speed differences caused by the tire diameter. You will receive your Ride Belted Tires on beautiful and grey spoke wheels for that extra sharp look on the track. 

The Ride Belted 24mm Tires are the tires of choice for the ETS FWD class as they deliver a great look and a strong performance for this famous racing class. 

Content: 1 Set (4 Tires) Ride Belted 24mm Tires, pre-glued on grey spoke wheels.